About Our School

Letter from Our Executive Director

Dear Parents, Learning Coaches and Students,

Thank you for choosing ALDCA. It is our desire to prepare students for college, career and beyond. We have a fantastic group of teachers and staff members to support you in your efforts each day to have a great academic year. Parents, and learning coaches play a vital role in the success of our students. We want each of you to use all the resources that are provided to support your students. Use the parent-student handbook to become familiar with the policies and procedures of our school. Most importantly, read all emails, monitor the progress of your student(s), and communicate with our teachers as often as necessary. 

We will adhere to our mission statement of creating an exemplary, individualized, and engaging educational experience We challenge every student to meet and when possible, exceed the expectations that have been set before you. We ask that you give your best and embrace the support of our staff as needed.

Finally, it is our desire to be the best. We cannot be the best without all of us giving our best. We will use engaging class connect sessions, effective communication, and the creative minds of all stakeholders to assist our students as they grow into academically sound individuals. We look forward to working with each of you. Let’s have a great school year!

ALDCA Leadership Team

Dr. Kisha Tolbert

Dr. Kisha Tolbert

Executive Director